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Transport Telematics

Welcome to the Thematic Group on Transport Telematics! This group brings together people working on and interested in Intelligent Transport Systems in urban areas to network and learn from each other. Furthermore, we try to respond to questions and ideas that members of the group have. More information about the group can be found below under 'description'.

With Transport Telematics we mean urban Intelligent Transport Systems (urban ITS). Urban ITS comprises all types of ITS that are applied in an urban area. Examples are traffic control management, traffic optimization, traffic monitoring, routing, access control, booking and ticketing, public transport priority, fleet management, real-time information, variable message signs, trip planning, and smartphone applications. Urban Intelligent Transport Systems are used to make traffic and transport in cities faster, safer, more sustainable, more comfortable and more user friendly. Urban ITS comprises all modes of transport (car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, public transport), and can help to coordinate traffic flow (for all users), improve public transport with faster and more reliable travel times and help cyclists and pedestrians by making roads safer. Intelligent Transport Systems allow better collection, coordination and use of traffic data to manage traffic, and tools to evaluate, visualise and warehouse this information can help solve bottlenecks and unsafe situations.