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Exploring Mobility Solutions

Exploring innovative urban mobility solutions

Exploring innovative solutions to the challenges posed by creating a more sustainable urban mobility culture is at the heart of the CIVITAS Initiative. There is no one single recipe for success. In some instances the challenges are technical or logistical, in others extensive citizen engagement is required to really achieve change.

Within CIVITAS, ten thematic categories of measures have been identified as the basic building blocks of an integrated strategy for sustainable mobility. These building blocks can be used to help put in place a planning framework, develop political involvement and establish partnerships. Each city chooses a set of mobility solutions from these building blocks according to their local priorities.

Using the search function below, you can explore the individual mobility measures which are or have been tested by the CIVITAS cities through the Living Lab projects.


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Thematic Groups

CIVITAS hosts thematic working groups on the 10 action areas. They are free to join and are an opportunity to:

Share experience and knowledge of urban mobility solutions, learn more about the CIVITAS approach and contribute to developing mobility policies and innovative measures in other local contexts.
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