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How to become a member?

Eligible cities:

The CIVITAS Forum is open to all cities that want to learn more about the usefulness of individual measures that support clean urban transport, and the best ways to combine and integrate them on a large scale. Participating cities have to prove their political and technical commitments to introduce ambitious, integrated urban transport strategies.


Have a plan

Specifically, this means that the city plans to:

  • Achieve a significant change in the modal split, in favour of sustainable transportation modes;
  • Follow an integrated approach, by addressing as many of the categories of CIVITAS instruments and measures as possible in its policy.

Each city must commit itself to the introduction of an ambitious, sustainable urban transport policy. This commitment must be politically endorsed on the CIVITAS Forum Declaration by the signature of a local politician who has executive power (Councilor or (Vice) Mayor).

Be an active member

Active participation in the CIVITAS Forum further requires that:

  • A representative of your city attends CIVITAS Forum meetings;
  • You have a constructive and proactive approach to the distribution of information about the CIVITAS Initiative, at local and national levels;
  • You provide a paper that gives background information pertaining to your city and its transport policy. This paper should mention the categories of CIVITAS instruments and measures, and specify how they are being implemented and integrated in your city.

How to join

  • Download the declaration for your city and administrative annex
  • Sign the declaration and administrative annex
  • Send the declaration to Isabelle.MAES(at) & civitas(at)
  • The declaration will be reviewed by the European Commission for final approval
  • Your city will receive a confirmation letter by the European Commission
  • You will receive a CIVITAS welcome package by the CIVITAS Secretariat
  • You will be asked to provide pictures and city information (UK) to be placed on the website

You have a question?

Ms Isabelle Maës
Policy Officer
European Commission
DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
Unit C.1 | Office 07/24Rue Jean-André de Mot 28 | 1049 Brussels
Email: Isabelle.MAES(at)

Please, copy the CIVITAS Secretariat in the message:


CIVITAS Declaration and the Administrative Annex