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CIVINET UK & Ireland

What is the network?

CIVINET UK & Ireland is a membership network for public authorities in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and other organisations interested in sustainable mobility.  The network provides access to the EU CIVITAS approach – a set of over 650 innovative and transferable sustainable urban mobility solutions that have been tried and tested in projects across Europe. CIVINET members share good practice in developing, implementing and evaluating sustainable mobility policies and measures. They also engage with national government and the EU about transport policy issues.

CIVINET is the only network in the UK & Ireland that brings together public authorities to achieve a more sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport systems to:

  • Mitigate the impact of climate change
  • Reduce the cost and unreliability of congestion to the economy
  • Improve health and air quality.

The Network is supported by the UK Department for Transport, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government, the Department of Transport (Republic of Ireland),  the Roads Service (Northern Ireland) and the Local Government Association.

Member benefits

  • Share best practice - Members have access to the forefront of industry know-how at a local level on topics such as active travel, collective passenger transport, clean fuels and vehicles, freight, demand management, and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.
  • Speak to the right people - Join a social network of technical experts, policy makers and politicians, and be part of a collective voice lobbying central governments on transport policy issues and legislation.
  • Join a Centre for Excellence - Professional development from exposure to a wide range of sustainable mobility policies, measures and tools.
  • Meet, discuss and inspire - Network hosted conferences, workshops, training and webinars; quarterly newsletters plus ad-hoc newsflashes on hot topics; website resources; all these are available to all members.  Check out examples of newsletter and newsflash.
  • Showcase your organisation’s work  - Opportunities exist to promote your work at CIVINET events or in newsletters.  Free attendance for up to three staff from member organisations at our events, plus early booking.
  • Access to EU projects - Including initiatives from CIVITAS such as training and work placements; fast-track access to opportunities for participation in other EU projects.
  • Get advice on funding from other EU/national sources for sustainable transport projects; refer to CIVINET membership in bids for EU or other funding.

Current members

Full membership is open to all public authorities, including Local Authorities and Integrated Transport Authorities, in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Other interested parties may become Associate Members of the Network. These include research centres, universities and other organisations (both public and private sector), which have an interest in urban transport.



Bath & North East Somerset Council

Belfast City Council

Bournemouth Borough Council

Brighton & Hove City Council

Bristol City Council

Coventry University

Derry City Council

Hampshire County Council

Haringey Council


Knowledge Transfer Network

Lancashire County Council

Leicestershire County Council

Norfolk County Council

Norwich City Council

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council


Transport and Health Study Group

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The Terms of Reference of CIVINET UK & Ireland may be found here.

Local Authority Members of the Network may attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM will elect the CIVINET UK & Ireland Management Committee and the newly elected Committee will meet immediately after the AGM.  Any local authority member of the Network may be nominated for election to the Committee. See: composition and remit  of the Management Committee and election procedures.

The  Management Committee may have up to ten members. Any Local A uthority Member of CIVINET may be nominated for election. The Committee meets at least every six months, to develop Network policy and procedures, manage the Network budget and approve an annual programme of activities. The current membership is:

Bournemouth Borough Council

Brighton & Hove City Council

Bristol City Council

Hampshire County Council

Norfolk County Council

Southend on Sea Borough Council

Observers: Department for Transport, Transport Scotland and Local Government Association.                                                     










How do I join?

Contact us




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