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CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia


CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia was established in as a network of cities and other stakeholders from two neighbouring countries that deal with sustainable mobility planning and traffic management. The objective of the network is knowledge sharing and good practice exchange as well as implementation of partner projects which are meant to finance future sustainable mobility activities. We are proud to have more than 150 members, which makes us the most numerous network. Having in mind that we are countries with small population, we consider this as a huge success.

Networking and all forms of cooperation are welcome for more effective solving of urban traffic and mobility problems - from the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas to joint participation and synergy of the cities, thus enabling better usage of EU funds. Besides members from Slovenia and Croatia, we are attracting also cities and other stakeholders from the region of South East Europe.  In order to enhance conditions for sustainable development that contributes to the prosperity and a better future for our cities, states and regions, during the 3rd Assembly held in February,  the name of the network was changed to CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia - South East Europe (SEE).

Local authorities and other CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE partners have expressed their commitment to strengthening the exchange of knowledge, information and experience gained within the CIVITAS initiative with other members of the Network. They have also committed to supporting the dissemination of information on the activities, achievements and results of the CIVITAS initiative and the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE network to other towns and cities in both countries and in the region. Therefore, a number of events and study tours have been organised.

Vlado Babić from the City of Ljubljana was the Network Regional Manager till the end of August. The coordination role was handed over to Croatian City of Rijeka. New Network Regional Manager is Srdjan Skunca, head of City Department for Development, Urbanism and Ecology. President of Political Committee is Marko Filipovic, Rijeka deputy mayor. ODRAZ-Sustainable Community Development acts as Secretariat of the Network.

CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE currently comprises 151 members: 42 from Slovenia, 62 from Croatia and 47 members from Bosnia&Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. 59 members are cities (15 Slovenian, 27 Croatian, four from Montenegro, one from B&H, three from Macedonia and nine from Serbia), others are important sustainable mobility stakeholders: civil society organisations, public transport providers, institutes, faculties, ministries, etc. Since the Assembly in, individual experts can be members, as well.

CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE, like other similar networks, was supported by the European Commission through CIVITAS CAPITAL project, that lasted from September 1, till August 31,. Small funds are earmarked to partly fund some of  the network's activities in and from CIVITAS Satellite project.

Through fundraising activities, ODRAZ succeeded in getting some additional funds from Croatian Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency as well as a small grants from City of Zagreb. Financial support  for network Secretariat in is securred from City of Rijeka for following activities: updating web and Fb sites, preparing e-bulletins and organising events. Rijeka and Ljubljana contribution is expected in.

The Network's management bodies:

  • General Assembly
  • Political Committee
  • Management Committee
  • Network Secretariat

Overview of some CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE activities:

  • CIVINET meeting was held during the conference "Cycling in Central and Eastern Europe", organised in Ljubljana from 15 to16 October by Slovenian Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC); Meeting of CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia was organised to enable members to share experiences and to increase cooperation between Croatian and Slovenian cities
  • Experience of CIVITAS ELAN, Study visit to Zagreb and Ljubljana was held from 21-23 October; CIVINET members, partners in CIVITAS ELAN organised with EUROCITIES a study visit for a dozen city representatives from Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Italy, interested in the experience of Zagreb and Ljubljana gained by participating in CIVITAS ELAN project

  • Sustainable mobility? How does that work in Ljutomer, Murska Sobota, Cakovec and Koprivnica!; CIVINET members participated from April 9 to 10,  at interesting study visit to several Slovenian and Croatian cities. They had the opportunity to learn more about the activities directed towards sustainable mobility in these cities.

  • CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia network, with a special emphasis on SUMP implementation plans, was presented at EU funded PUMAS Annual conference on Cross-border SUMPs, Nova Gorica, Slovenia, June 4,
  • CIVINET and its member, Department for urban traffic Faculty of Traffic Sciences in Zagreb, held an interesting and very useful round table in June 13, on sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP), during which participants had the opportunity to hear about the experiences of experts who deal with this important issue.
  • A workshop “Safe areas around schools” was organized in the City of Koprivnica, in scope of CIVITAS CAPITAL Activity fund, for the Municipality of Niksic, Montenegro on 17 -18 July. Niksic Municipality joined the network soon afterwards.
  • The network is presented, as well as projects CIVITAS MOBILIS and CIVITAS ELAN, at "Belgrade – Being Inspired" workshop, held on September 19, in Belgrade. The event was funded through CIVITAS Activity Fund. Great interest from partners in Belgrade and Serbia to join CIVINET Slovenia & Croatia Network has been expressed.
  • CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia members actively participated at CIVITAS FORUM, that was held in Casablanca; network coordinator and representative of Croatian Secretariat, as well as representative of town of Koprivnica, attended whole-day meeting of all CIVINET networks on 23 September; several members from both countries participated as presenters or moderators at the technical sessions.
  • On October 7,, CIVINET Slovenia & Croatia Network, together with the City of Maribor and the Energy Agency for Podravje region, organised a Conference on sustainable mobility named "From Theory to Practice – Taking a High-way or Walking" in Maribor. A wide range of good practices from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Spain was  presented.
  • On October 20,, the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia network and the City of Zagreb organized a “BOB - Bike on Bus” workshop. This project has been financed within the first CIVITAS Activity Fund
  • On November 4,, CIVINET Slovenia & Croatia Network's Workshop on Introducing and Developing SUMP's in Slovenia, Croatia and Neighbouring Countries was organized in Zagreb, followed by the second MC meeting. The workshop was a success for more than fifty participants - representatives of the cities and relevant institutions from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Austria. They had a chance to hear more about research, planning and implementation of various sustainable urban mobility activities, as well as SUMP methodology in designated countries/cities (e.g. Austrian Graz and Judenburg, Slovenian capital Ljubljana and some smaller towns, Novi Sad from Serbia and Croatian cities Zagreb and Koprivnica).

  • General Assembly was held in Croatian town of Rijeka on February 20,. Some changes in the Statute were adopted and the Statement was issued by the Political Committee. Three good urban mobility examples from Rijeka were presented (Rijeka's promenades, BikeRijeka and new environmentally friendly public transport fleet). Examples of bike projects and bike transport challenges were also presented by colleagues from Slovenia, as well as project on counselling for personal mobility. Representative of City of Koprivnica presented newly established SUMP Competence Centre for South Eastern Europe. After the event, more than 50 participant from Slovenia and Croatia, as well as from other SEE countries had a chance to ride the busses on natural gas and walk along the part of promenade.

  • Representatives of the Network participated at CIVINET event in EU Parliament on 13 April,, as well as at meeting at DG MOVE
  • Study tour to energy self-sufficient Slovenian municipality Sentrupert was organised on 5 May
  • Study visit on best mobility and mobility management practices in Zürich and Luzern - On May 12 and 13, CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia organised an interesting study visit on the best practices of sustainable mobility in Zürich and Luzern, joined by CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics. Altogether 17 participants from three countries participated in this very interested and inspiring visit. We have learned the information on Swiss railway system and Zürich Main Railway Station and visited Sihlcity shopping centre characterized by careful limitations to its attractiveness for private car based shopping and well-thought design of alternative transport accessibility and delivery of purchased goods. On the walking tour in the city, the participants learned about calmed traffic and car free and car parking free residential areas. Transport policies and mobility measures were explained by two mobility experts, e.g. master plan Stadtverkehr.


  • Conference on improving cycling conditions in Ljubljana, 21-22 May in Ljubljana, organised by CIVINET, Ljubljana cycling network, REC Slovenia and Kombinat arhitekti   
  • Participation at the meeting of all CIVINET networks in Szeged, Hungary,  28 May. Our network was represented by Vlado Babic, network coordinator and Andrej Klemenc from Slovenian Secretariat
  • Seminar  "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans-SUMP" in Koprivnica, 11 June, organised by CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia, European platform for sustainable urban mobility plans, project CIVITAS and the JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions). Our network was represented by Vlado Babic, network coordinator and three representatives of Croatian Secretariat
  • Two-day seminar/ workshop on “Cycling is smart – smart cities can make it even smarter” in Koper, Slovenia, 15/16 Sep
  • Public presentation of CIVINET and Award Photo competition on the theme: “Movement through my city"”, Zagreb, Croatia, 21 Sep
  • One-day study tour to Ljubljana on pedestrian zone in the city centre, on city logistics and extension of bus lines into suburbia, Ljubljana City Hall, Banquet Hall. Guided bicycle study tour follows,6 Oct
  • CIVITAS Forum in Ljubljana, 7 and 9 October, - meeting of all CIVINET networks, meeting with European Commissioner for Transport, Mrs. Violeta Bulc,  workshop on urban cycling network and project SAVA BIKE
  • Workshop on cyclotourisam held in October in Zagreb, organised in cooperation with Danube cycling project
  • Conference “Towards a Humane city” – Urban transport – Mastering Change, Novi Sad Serbia; Prof Janez Koželj, Vice-mayor of Ljubljana and head of CIVINET’s Slovenia & Croatia Political Committee, as a key-note speaker presented Ljubljana’s sustainable mobility transformation; Vlado Babić, member of the Conference’s Programme board, had a presentation on CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia and its impact on several other SEE countries, 5/6 Nov
  • New CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia website launched in November

  • CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia 3rd General Assembly, Nova Gorica, Slovenia,10 Feb, decided to change the name of the Network to CIVINET-Slovenia-South East Europe, as we have a number of towns and other mobility atakeholders from the region; the opportunity was used to hear the good practice from host town Nova Gorica and its fruitfull cooperation with Gorizia in Italy in the field of sustainable mobility


  • 2 days Study tour to Graz, Austria, together with CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum and Magyar CIVINET, 29 Feb & 1 March
  • Presentation of CIVINET to the Board of Association of Croatian towns; more than 40 representatives of Croatian towns were informed about out network and acctivities, 9 March
  • Workshop “Pedestrians and cyclists – how to get along in the city centre?”, Zagreb, Croatia, organised by CIVINET and its members (ODRAZ, Cyclist Union), 23 March; more than 40 participants were listening the panelist from Croatia and Slovenia, many were actively engaged in discussion during and after formal programme; interest of media was raised for the event.
  • Ljubljana as member of CIVINET and the Green capital of Europe and its sustainable mobility solutions were presented to 10 Serbian towns, during the workshop in Kruševac, April 7, (
  • Recent Network coordinator from City of Ljubljana and future coordinator from City of Rijeka participated at meeting of CIVINET Networks, Olomouc, 26 April
  • Workshop and round table on co-modality of public (railway passengers) transport and cycling to improve commuting to urban centres and sustainable tourism; Borovnica (Slovenia), 11 May
  • Presentation of CIVINET network by coordinator V. Babić during the workshop "Green corridor - Connecting EU and Balkans", held in EU Representation in Zagreb, 23 May
  • Seminar and workshop on cycling and health was organised by Regional Environmental Center in cooperation with the Slovenian cycling network, CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE and the municipality of Kranj,  23 May  
  • CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE FORUM on Transport and Global Sustainable Development Goals, combined with a kick-of meeting dedicated to transfer of Network's coordination role from Ljubljana to Rijeka was held in Zagreb on 3 June;  Some 70 participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Serbia, representing  towns, NGOs, institutes, schools, faculties and companies had a chance to hear about sucessful town projects related to sustainable urban mobility, but also those of NGOs, schools and businesses. Fruitfull discussion was developed around global sustainable goals, in specific goal No. 11 - Sustainable towns and communities 
  • CIVINET Slo-Cro-SEE was presented by ODRAZ at the Local Government Symposium, organised by Association of Croatian Towns, Rabac, 6 July; the presentation was well accepted by participants and the membership was increased after the meeting - the Network has now more than 100 members
  • Marking of EMW, including the presentation of CIVINET Slo-Cro-SEE during the event organised by Croatian Automobile Club on 16 September
  • Participation at CIVITAS Forum, September

  • Annual Asembly and Round table on SUMPs, 17 February, Maribor, Slovenia. More than 60 participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Serbia had an opportunity to learn more on SUMPs and to visit good examples of City of Maribor susstainable mobility activities.

  • Participation at European SUMP conference, 29-30 March, Dubrovnik, Croatia. ODRAZ as a Network Secretariat was present with a stall, informing participants about the activities and attracting new members. Many members were present, as well.
  • Round table on integrated town planning and SUMPs, 13 April, Zagreb, Croatia. Some 60 participants from Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia participated at this well organised event. State Secretary for transport greeted the participants and representative of Croatian Ministry of transport gave a presentation.
  • CIVINET Forum, 9 June, Rijeka, Croatia - Some 70 members of CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia - SEE Network, as well as other actors interested in the topic of sustainable mobility gathered in Rijeka. The topic of the second Forum was "Planning and managing sustainable transport: plans and realizations". The Forum was dedicated to the 11th Global Sustainable Development Goal: sustainable cities and communities, and it was organized by ODRAZ, the Secretariat of the CIVINET and the City of Rijeka as the Network coordinator.
  • On 18 September, the Croatian Auto Club and the City of Zagreb organized an expert meeting "Europe on the Move" where the models and aspects of safe and energy-efficient mobility were presented. ODRAZ director Lidija Pavić-Rogošić presented the network for sustainable urban mobility CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE.
  • Round table on innovation for better mobility, EMW, 19 September, Zagreb,Croatia. See more: 
  • Organisation and participation at meeting of all CIVINET networks, 26 September, Torres Vedras, Portugal
  • Participation at CIVITAS Forum, 27-29 September, Torres Vedras, Portugal. See more: 
  • Round table on citizen engagement in mobility issues, 24 October, Zagreb, Croatia. See more at: 
  • CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE participated at the 6th International Conference 'Towards a Humane City' held on 26th and 27th October in Novi Sad. Coordinator of a CIVINET Network Srđan Škunca welcomed the participants of the conference during the introductory session. The new ODRAZ film "With dialogue to better mobility in city areas" was presented at the Plenary Session and at the SUMP Workshop. Before the conference, a meeting of CIVINET's Management board was held.
  • Study tour to Ljubljana, 9 and 10 November, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Some 20 members of the Network had an opportunity to learn about sustainable mobility and visit examples of good practices in Ljubljana.
  • Presentation of CIVINET during the REMEDIO project (dealing with SUMPs and involving in its partnership the City of Split) international seminar open to public and local authorities, 23 and 24 November, Split, Croatia

  • Annual Asembly and round table, 23 February, Krusevac, Serbia. City of Kruševac hosted 5th Assembly of CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE. It was an opportunity for gathering of members of some 80 members of the Network  - representatives of cities, ministries, faculties, institutes, CSOs, companies and other stakeholders from the field of sustainable transport in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. After the Assembly, the roundtable with focus on of sustainable urban mobility planning was held, presenting examples and challenges of SUMPs from Ljubljana, Malmö and Kruševac. Croatian and Slovenian examples of the public bicycle system - Nextbike and BicikeLJ were presented, as well.
  • Training on design and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) held in Rovinj, Croatia, from 20 to 23 March. Free of charge training course 40 participants were representatives from Croatian and Slovenian cities. Training was organized within CIVITAS Prosperity project by the Croatian and Slovene partners, in cooperation with the CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-JIE.

  • Round table on SUMPS, 29 May, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some 60 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region - representatives of cities, faculties, ministries, associations and public and private companies engaged in traffic planning and mobility, had the opportunity to learn about examples of sustainable mobility from Ljubljana and Banja Luka and GIZ plans for the area of South East Europe. 
  • 3rd CIVINET Forum, 15 June, Varazdin, Croatia. Around 60 members of the CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia - JIE Network gathered, as well as other actors interested in the topic of sustainable mobility. The topic of the Forum was "Sustainable mobility and integrated passenger transport in the function of positive demographic trends". Event was co-organized by Varaždin County 
  • Panel discussion on innovation in urban mobility (in cooperation with City of Zagreb), 13 September

Planned activities:

  • Study tour Zagreb, December
  • Round table on integrated transport, Zagreb, December
  • General Assembly and round table, Tivat, March
  • Training SUMP 2,0, Opatija, April/May
  • CIVINET Forum, Kranja, June

Dissemination activities

CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE E-news

  • Dissemination through E-news bulletin, both in Croatian and Slovenian language
    • E-news No. 1 - December to 197 recipients
    • E-news No. 2 to No.6 
    • E-news No. 1 to11 /
    • E-news No. 1 to 16 /
    • E-news No. 1 - 14 /
    • E-news No. 1- 7 / 18
  • No. of recepients in Croatia and the region - 291, including 39 journalists;  No. of recepients in Slovenia 247, including 29 journalists

Other dissemination activities

  • Koprivnica and Ljubljana are included in the CAPITAL‘s catalogue of pioneer cities, willing to share their experiences
  • Updating CIVITAS.EU Web page on CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia - SEE network is ongoing. In order to spread information in Slovenian and Croatian languages, the network own web site is developed.


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